Rethinking Evangelicalism

In the popular imagination, white evangelicalism seems to have lost its identity as a religious movement and become simply a conservative voting block and purveyor of “traditional” values. Pundits have predicted its total demise; critics have been delighted with the perceived hypocrisy on a number of issues.

What if we put all that off to the side for a moment and rethink what it means to engage as Christians in the heartaches of the world?  Can we consider injustice, such as racism, misogyny, hunger, or environmental degradation, not from left/right political lenses, but from a deep desire to follow Jesus into the pain of those suffering under these things?

Starting August 31, 2020

This 8-week course will run through October 25.

Course Cost

  • For Credit: $490/credit-hour
  • Audit: $150/course
  • Webinar: Free access to live-sessions


For Credit Audit Webinar
Cost $490/Credit Hour $150/Course Free
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What will I learn?

Examine the ways that conservative Protestants – Evangelicals – have positioned themselves in American society and suggests a rethinking of evangelical identity and mission.

Building off the biblical requirement that people of God care for suffering people and work for the just treatment of all, prepare to use critical race theory, feminist theory and environmental studies to offer new models of evangelical self-understanding and missional engagement.

Course Topics

  • How did we Get Here? From Revivalism and Reform to the Religious Right
  • Evangelicals Learning to Let the Bible Speak
  • Evangelicals and Race
  • Evangelicals, Soft Misogyny, and the Problem of Toxic Masculinity
  • Evangelicals and the Plight of the Poor
  • Evangelicals and Environmental Justice: Where stewardship of the earth meets care for the disenfranchised among us
  • White Evangelicals and the Lure of Nationalism
  • Young Christians and the Kingdom of God

Meet the Professor

Intrigued by the long history of the Christian Church in which people from so many different cultures and traditions have articulated their understanding of the faith, Dr. Kristina Lacelle-Peterson has dedicated her research to explore the various ways that people have conceived of the Christian life. She is the author of Liberating Tradition: Women's Identity and Vocation in Christian Perspective, and has contributed to numerous publications.

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Professor Kristina Lacelle-Peterson

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