Associate of Applied Science Online In Christian Ministries

The AAS in Christian Ministries is a way to explore and be equipped for ministry to others.

Is God calling you to a deeper level of ministry to others? Are you feeling a tug toward service in your church?

The associate’s degree exposes you to the biblical, theological, and historical foundations of Christian faith as well as to key areas of Christian ministry like spiritual formation and discipleship. Meanwhile, you partake of some key general courses that are extremely beneficial as a minister.

  • This degree can serve as a path toward licensing and ordination in many churches.
  • Life-long learners can audit the classes to enrich their service to others.
  • Ask about other options!

The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree currently requires a total of 60 hours, including at least 24 hours of general education and 36 hours of ministry related courses. The program is designed to be completed in two years and would ideally involve a local church mentor in a local church setting.

Most of the ministry related courses have a live option, where you can switch out an assignment for a live, online class time! The following is a sample of the kinds of courses you might take:


General Education Credits
BIBL 101 – Biblical Literature 3
THEL 209 – Introduction to Christianity 3
WRIT 101 – Writing in the Liberal Arts 3
philosophy 3
math/science 3
social science 3
Other general education courses 6
Total 24


Ministry Related Courses Credits
MIN 210 – Introduction to Christian Ministries 3
THEL 320 – Spiritual Formation 3
THEL 221 – History of Christianity 1 3
THEL 211 – Intro to Theology 3
BIBL 221 – Biblical Interpretation 3
THEL 327 – Church, Mission and Culture 3
CRFM 231 – Foundations of Educational Ministry 3
MIN 317 – Leadership in the Church 3
MIN 324 – Preaching in the Church 3
MIN 316 – Worship in the Church 3
Other Ministry Related Courses 6
Total 36

2020 Schedule

Here is a possible schedule you might take of related online courses for 2020. You are not required to take courses in a particular order or sequence.

Spring Module 2 (3/9 – 5/3)

  • (MIN 210) Introduction to Christian Ministries (Michael Jordan)

Summer Module 1 (5/8 – 6/28)

  • (BIBL 101) Biblical Literature (Ken Schenck)
  • (PSY 111) Introduction to Psychology (Änna Pettway)

Summer Module 2 (6/29 – 8/23)

  • (THEL 221) History of Christianity 1 (Kristina LaCelle-Peterson)
  • (SOC 101) Introduction to Sociology (Karen Daugherty)

Fall Module 1 (8/31 – 10/25)

  • (THEL 320) Spiritual Formation (Michael Jordan)
  • (WRIT 101) Writing in the Liberal Arts

Fall Module 2 (10/26 – 12/20)

  • (MIN 317) Leadership in the Church (Steve Dunmire)
  • (THEL 209) Introduction to Christianity (Rich Eckley)

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