Human Resources Management

A human resources degree equips students to handle a company's most precious resource: its people.

Students will learn about the ethical, legal and social factors that shape today’s workforce. Courses will cover a variety of subjects, from recruitment and training to labor laws, compensation and benefits. Houghton’s online HR management degree is the logical next step for any student looking to begin a career in HR management.

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A human resources degree is for:

  • Experienced human resources professionals seeking a human resources management degree to move up the HR career ladder.
  • Experienced business professionals seeking entry into human resources administration.
  • Individuals who have completed some college coursework or have applicable work experience.

HR skills acquired:

  • Interviewing and hiring employees.
  • Developing personnel policies with top management.
  • Managing employee benefits.
  • Investigating and resolving grievances.
  • Maintaining confidential records and personnel files.
  • Coordinating equipment acquisition and IT access.
  • Preparing new hire manuals and conducting orientation.

Potential Career Options

  • Benefits & Compensation
  • Employee Relations
  • Human Resource Information Systems
  • Training & Development

Major Requirements

Human Resources Management (BBA/BS)

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Courses are 8 weeks in length


All courses are fully online


Graduate in 18 months or less

Human Resources Management Degree

124 Credits

36 General Education Credits

40 HR Management Major

48 Elective Credits

84 Maximum Transfer Credits Allowed

Required Courses

HR Management Degree

HR Management Courses

  • BADM 314 - Human Resources Management (3)
  • BADM 345 - Employment Law (3)
  • BADM 446 - Staffing and Performance Management (3)
  • BADM 450 - Managing Total Rewards: Compensation and Benefits (3)
  • Choose one: BADM 320 - Leadership Development (3), BADM 341 - Work Team Dynamics (3), BADM 414 - Workplace Excellence (3) or BADM 448 - Employee Training & Development (3)

Core Classes

  • ID 200 - Student Success Seminar (1)
  • BADM 300 - Business Writing (3)
  • BADM 210 - Fundamentals of Management (3)
  • PHIL 303 - Organizational Ethics (3)
  • BADM 475 - Organizational Development (3)
  • BADM/PSY 309 - Statistics (3)
  • ECON 201 - Intro to Economics (3)
  • BADM 202 - Accounting and Finance Principles (3)
  • BADM 218 - Marketing Principles (3)


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