“Change the world—one person at a time.” That is a common goal for students who earn a psychology degree at Houghton College.

A bachelor’s degree in psychology enables students to understand why we think, feel, and act as we do. Psychology majors gain perspective on their own experiences, develop sympathetic understanding of others, and learn ways to help people in need.

The major for a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree requires 36 hours beyond the Introduction to Psychology course. All psychology majors complete 15 hours of core requirements, and then choose either general psychology and one specialty track in Restorative Justice.

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View a sample course schedule and degree requirements for the Psychology major and each concentration


A psychology degree is:

  • For those who want to pursue professional careers in human services.
  • For those who want to pursue graduate study leading to careers as mental health counselors, clinical psychologists, school psychologists or clinical social workers.
  • For those who want to pursue careers in psychological research.
  • For those who are want to enhance their knowledge of personnel or student development.
  • A common course of study for students who wish to go on to earn a law degree.
  • For those who are interested in pursuing careers in third-party conflict intervention like mediation, negotiation or arbitration.
  • For those who want to work with youth, camps, or volunteer organizations.
  • Useful for anyone who is seeking a college degree to advance his or her career and works with people on a daily basis, such as sales professionals, managers, HR professionals and business owners, etc.

Skills and abilities you will gain:

  • An understanding of how people think and act and how to help and motivate them.
  • Analytical skills needed for many different areas of life, including career choices.
  • Research and quantitative analysis skills useful for many occupations, including project development and project management skills.
  • Conflict management, ethical reasoning, and critical thinking skills.
  • Ability to communicate in writing and presentations for diverse audiences.
  • The ability to better assess people for interviews and hiring decisions.
  • An ability to better manage people in organizational settings.

Potential Career Options

Psychology graduates pursue such professional careers as clinical and counseling psychology, student and personnel development, school psychology, clinical social work, and human services. A knowledge of psychological functioning within individuals and in group settings is a valuable asset in professions such as law, business, education, medicine, therapeutic recreation, and ministry.

Major Requirements

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Psychology Degree

124 credits

36 General Education

40 Psychology Major

48 Elective Credits

84 Maximum Transfer Credits Allowed

Required Courses

Psychology Degree

Psychology Courses (18 credits)

  • PSY 111 - Introduction to Psychology (3)
  • PSY 309 - Statistics (4)
  • PSY 310 - Experimental Methods (4)
  • PSY 354 - Brain and Behavior (4)
  • PSY 480 - Senior Capstone Seminar (3)

Choose a Concentration (21 credits)

  • General
  • Clinical/Counseling
  • Neuroscience
  • Social/Developmental


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