Summer 2020

Mayterm/Summer 1(online)/Summer 2(online) Information

Select Mayterm and Summer Session 1 and 2 courses online through Student Self-Service.  Online course selection will begin at 7:00am, Thursday, February 13th and will end 11pm, Friday, March 13th. To be registered after March 13th, please email


  • Course selection should be completed by March 27th.
  • Summer/Mayterm Booklet 2020 (PDF): Contains general Mayterm information including dates, financial information, and the Tuition-Free Mayterm policy
  • Summer 2020 Course Offering (PDF)
  • Mayterm Housing Form (on-line form) – Applications must be submitted by Friday, March 27th for proper billing.  Only students requesting a roommate, changing to Commuter status or applying for a Family Living Exemption need to submit this form.  All others will have housing assigned to them.  Accommodations for requests received after this deadline cannot be guaranteed.  last updated 2/1/2020