Chapel Attendance

Chapel meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11:05 a.m.-11:45 a.m. The primary purpose of chapel is to bring the campus community together to focus on the word of God as revealed in Jesus Christ. Those participating in chapel include student groups, faculty, off-campus speakers and college musical groups. The chapel format is varied, often including music, personal testimony and biblical exposition. All full-time undergraduate students are expected to attend at least two-thirds of the chapels each semester as part of their community responsibilities. This usually means attending approximately 26 – 29 chapels per semester.

Alternative Chapels

For more information, please visit the page on alternative chapels.

Chapel Exemptions

All students seeking exemption from chapel must fill out a Chapel Exemption Request and return it to the dean of the chapel’s office before the end of the second week of each semester. All exemption requests received after this date will be considered only for future chapels. Full-time student teachers and students on off-campus study are automatically exempt. Commuters and students with past exemptions may apply for an exemption, but are not automatically exempt.

Lost or Forgotten Cards

Students may receive credit for a maximum of three per semester for forgetting or losing their card by filling out a Chapel Credit Request form in the Student Life Office. In order to receive credit, the form must include a brief summary of the chapel and should be turned in before the next chapel service. All lost cards should be replaced immediately.

Arriving Late

Students who are less than 10 minutes late to chapel may scan in at the scanners in the two center aisles. Any student more than 10 minutes late is encouraged to attend chapel, but won’t be eligible for chapel credit.

Attendance Monitoring & Defective Cards

Students are responsible for tracking their chapel attendance and may do so at the chapel attendance summary webpage. Any concerns about an incorrectly recorded chapel must be addressed within one month of the chapel in question and should include a half-page summary of the chapel. No past credit will be given for chapels earlier than one month prior to the request. Mistakes in the chapel attendance system are nearly always due to damaged cards and can easily be avoided by getting a new ID card. Students with defective cards should meet in person with the administrative assistant to the dean of the chapel.

Scanning and Scramming

Scanning for chapel and leaving without staying for the service or without signing out (scramming) will not be tolerated. Students who scan in and need to leave the building before the start of chapel should sign out with a student scanner. If the student returns before the scanners are taken down his or her name may be taken off the sign-out list. Students needing to leave chapel after the scanners have taken down should sign out on a sheet in the center of the foyer. Any student caught scramming will be penalized two additional chapel credits. Second offenses of scanning and scramming may be subject to disciplinary action.

Special Accommodations

The dean of the chapel’s office is glad to make special accommodations for students with legitimate needs/concerns regarding any of the above policies. If you believe your situation warrants special consideration, please visit our office.