Denise Reichard

Denise Reichard

Adjunct Instructor

Teaching Philosophy

“The object of teaching is to enable (students) to get along without a teacher”

~~Elbert Hubbard

God has gifted me with a desire to share knowledge and assist students in expanding their learning capacity through classroom experiences and interaction. Because communication is at the core of all I teach, I recognize there is beauty when students discover their own gifts, talents and attributes through the vehicle of human communication. Classroom experiences must be interactive so to build trust and camaraderie among students for optimal learning to ensue. John Dewey, a notable educator who was maligned in some circles and praised by others believed that students learn by doing. Dewey’s philosophy fits my educational objective that students will grow as communicators through the vehicle of communication, in the classroom and out.


  • M.A., University of Pittsburgh, Communication/Rhetoric (1982)
  • B.A., Mount Union College, Communication and Education (1977)

Courses Taught 

  • Interpersonal Communication (Houghton College;  Niagara County Community College)
  • Introduction to Human Communication (Houghton College Buffalo; Houghton College Buffalo at Hope House)
  • Organizational Communication (Houghton College Buffalo)
  • Public Speaking (Niagara County Community College)
  • Speech Communication (Niagara County Community College)

Professional Experience/Achievements

  • Adjunct Faculty work from 2005 to present including:
    • Genesee Community College
    • Houghton College
    • Houghton College Buffalo
    • Houghton College Buffalo at Hope House
    • Niagara County Community College
  • Named  Adjunct of the Year 2012, Niagara County Community College, Division of Arts and Media
  • Bestowed the Alpha Delta Kappa Education Sorority Award for Notable Teaching as a sorority non-member (2004)

Research Interests

To support my small public speaking business, Women of History, I research the lives of women of the past to present their stories in first-person characterization and in costume ( These presentations are shared all over Western New York in churches, schools, club meetings and civic organizations. Over time I have come to recognize that this interest, too, is a God given gift that I pursue and share with others as often as possible.

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