Jesse Carter

Jesse Carter

Senior Enrollment Advisor✔️Career Fit Certified

About Jesse

Hometown: ‘CUSE!

Major & Grad Year: Humanities, 2016

Favorite Thing About Houghton: The professors. They go above and beyond to help their students. They genuinely want to develop strong relationships with their students and help them develop academically, spiritually and socially.

Why I Work at Houghton: Houghton is a special and unique place that really challenges not only its student, but the whole community to think on a deeper level. Houghton has provided me with many opportunities to grow in my life on so many levels (if you’d like to hear more about those, feel free to ask me!) and I know that is not something that is unique to my experience. I have witnessed the amazing things students have been able to do because of their experiences at Houghton College and I want to be provide a pathway for prospective students to encounter those incredible opportunities that Houghton can provide.

Tips for Prospective Students & Families

1: Never feel bad about asking “too many questions.” One of my favorite parts of working with students and their families is answering the questions they have about the admissions process at Houghton. I want families to be completely comfortable with me so they think, ” I need to call/email Jesse about this” as soon as a question or concern pops into their minds.

2: College is not all classwork. When I was an RA something I always told the residents on my floor when they wanted to skip out on something to do classwork was, “you didn’t come to college to study.” It was meant as a joke, but also a reminder that there is so much more to college than what you will do in the classroom. A lot of my favorite and most impactful moments as a student at Houghton happened outside of the classroom. Whether it was participating in a service opportunity, leading a youth group, cooking a meal with my friends from South Korea, playing glow in the dark capture the flag in the K-PAC or having a coffee while discussing a tough topic with a professor the moments that will stick with you the most are the ones that have little to do with what you are learning in the classroom. Keep that in mind when deciding which college to apply to or enroll at.

3: Visit! And visit on a weekday when classes are in session. You need to find out if the school is the right fit for you and the only way to to that is to experience the college for yourself. You can only get so much from a website or what you hear about from others. Sitting in on a class, meeting professors, meeting with current students and staying overnight in the dorms will give you a much better idea of whether or not a college is the right place for you. So visit!!

Students & Families I Serve

  • New England
  • New York
    • Albany & Hudson Valley
    • Downstate NY
    • New York City & Long Island
    • Rochester
    • Syracuse
    • Utica & Watertown
  • Southeastern US
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