Ryan Spear

Ryan Spear

Dean of Admission, Enrollment Advisor

About Ryan

Hometown: Franklinville, NY; born in Ft. Worth, TX

Major and Grad Year: BA in Psychology and Philosophy (Houghton College, 2007)

Fun Facts: I am a third-generation Houghton graduate on my father’s side and a fourth-generation graduate on my mother’s side. I enjoy time with family, running, reading, and spending time enjoying the natural beauty of the surrounding area of Houghton, NY.

Favorite Things about Houghton: a place is only as impactful as its people, and Houghton is home to great people. People who will become a part of your journey for life. Professors who mentor your whole being – mind and soul. Fellow students who inspire you to become a person “as large as God’s calling” in your life, to paraphrase Houghton College president. Dr. Shirley Mullen. Houghton is also fortunate to be beautifully located – situated within 1300 wooded acres and alongside the historic Genesee river.

Why I Work at Houghton: in short, the world needs more “scholar servants,” as noted in our mission statement. I believe Houghton College is uniquely positioned to prepare the kind of person needed to face the changing world with courage, compassion, and competence. Regardless of how you receive your Houghton education – on-campus, online, in Buffalo or Utica, graduate or undergraduate, Houghton is about bringing out God’s best in you.

Tips for Prospective Students & Families

  1. Pay attention to your heart as much as your mind. Outside pressures sometimes lead individuals to have too much of a cognitive approach to college. As it says in Isaiah, God’s ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts. Spend time reflecting on how you feel God moving in your soul as you explore college options.
  2. If you had to narrow down your search to only two options, consider the quality of your peers and the quality of your professors. Basically, the people you would “do life with” during your time at Houghton, whether on campus or online. There is a temptation to focus on certain externals (especially if on campus), but what is most timeless is who you will learn from and who you will learn with.
  3. Trust the process. You don’t have to have everything (major, career plan, etc.), figured out by the time you start your program. Do the “next right thing” and know that you have a whole community to guide you along the way. You will find yourself surprised to find strengths and gifts you didn’t know you had when you take each faithful step and know that you are not alone.

Students & Families I Serve

  • Allegany County, NY
  • Buffalo, NY
  • Returning Students
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