0 Shelley Noyes

Shelley Noyes

Shelley Noyes

Graduate and Online Enrollment Advisor

Hometown: Ridgway, Pennsylvania

Major and Grad Year: BA in Communication from Houghton University, 1993

Favorite Thing About Houghton: I love the way Houghton feels. Like a big welcome hug. Or like my favorite person saying, ‘I’ve got you!’ And how it seems more like home to me than anywhere else I have ever lived or worked.

Tips for Prospective Online Students: Ask the question you are thinking of—I promise you are not the first person who has asked it. Questions are my favorite, and I will be happy to answer any of yours.

Why I work @ Houghton: My experience as a student here at Houghton University, and the quality of education I received opened up my whole world. I didn’t know when I began how transformative a Christian liberal arts education was going to be–not just in the four years I spent as a student but throughout my whole life. What a gift it has been for me! I work at Houghton because I want to help others experience the life-changing gift of a Houghton education

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