Factors Associated With “A” vs. “C” Students

A study of College students getting “A’s” and “C’s” revealed several differences. The “A” student is motivated, has good organizational skills and/or creativity, and appropriate native ability. If you want higher grades, review the list below. Find which areas can you change immediately and which you need to work on.

Factors and Characteristic defining the Outstanding Students:

  • Attendance: Never miss a class.  Arrive a bit early.
  • Attitude: Show initiative – do more than is required.
  • Preparation: Are always prepared for class. Good attention to detail (catch text/teacher errors). Always respond when called upon.
  • Time/Effort: Maintain a fixed study schedule, averaging 3 to 4 hours of study for every hour in class. Prepare for each class regardless of the assignment.
  • Curiosity: Are visibly interested in class. Ask appropriate questions which reflect this.
  • Retention: Learn concepts so they can connect past learning with present material.  (don’t just memorize details)
  • Performance: Good test-taking abilities. Able to budget time Volunteer thoughtful comments/ask good questions.
  • Communication Skills: Write well/speak confidently,  both in a organized manner which covers all relevant points.