A Message to Current Student

A Message to Current Students

Welcome to the Counseling Center at Houghton College.  I think, if we are honest with ourselves, we’d have to admit that we all have “stuff” that can, at times, get in the way of doing life well.  The goal of the Counseling Center is to help break down this “stuff” into manageable pieces so that you can find success academically, relationally, in your career and in your relationship with God.  The Counseling Center is a free service for all students, staffed by licensed counselors ready to help you.

Feel free to browse through this site a bit more and check out some of the resources available including a free confidential screening.

If you’d like to speak to a counselor for a one-time consultation or for on-going support, please stop by our office on the main floor of the Campus Center, down the hall near the Security Office.  We look forward to helping you.


Welcome to Houghton College Counseling Services, Dr. Bill Burrichter, Director

A Message for Students, Dr. Bill Burrichter, Director