Interconnect, the International Connection Program, is specifically designed to help international and third culture students successfully navigate the transition from life overseas to life at Houghton.   This amazing week-long program takes place the week before the start of each fall semester for all international and third culture students. Interconnect is a great opportunity to begin building friendships with other international/TCK students even before the arrival of other students to campus. We focus on the following areas:

  • Navigating Cultural Transition – Interconnect offers many invaluable sessions on topics that will aid the transition to life in the United States and at Houghton. The sessions, which are designed to be interactive and participatory, are led by Houghton professors, staff and current students, all with significant cross-cultural experience.
  • Meeting New People – For most international and TCK students, making new friendships with those who share similar life experiences is the highlight of the interconnect program. There’s no better way to start college than by having some friendships already in place. In addition, students will be able to meet many current students, faculty and staff who share a cross-cultural background and interest.
  • Learning Practical Houghton Skills – Settling into a new culture requires learning new skills. During the interconnect week students will participate in activities that highlight important experiences such as obtaining a campus job, finding their way around Houghton, learning what it takes to get a New York driver’s license, etc.
  • Having Fun – Let’s face it, fun is a key element of the college experience. That’s why interconnect has lots of it – including a bonfire, ropes course activities, a scavenger hunt, and a visit to a nearby fun park, just to name a few.

All first-year international and third culture students are strongly encouraged to attend, and many intercultural students at Houghton consider the International Connection Program to be one of the most important and enjoyable events of their freshman year.

Interconnect Program Highlights

  • Building friendships with other internationals & TCK’s
  • Going shopping to get stuff for your residence hall room
  • Learning valuable aspects of U.S. culture
  • Participating in fun events with other students & staff
  • Learning through excellent sessions led by Houghton faculty and staff
  • Visiting a local theme park with mini golf
  • Adjusting to college before everyone else arrives
  • Having some fun and relaxing down-time