Final Checkout Information

Important Dates:


  • April 29, 11:00 pm: Currently stored items removed.
    April 30-6, 7:00 -11:00 pm: Storage available by seeing on-duty RA.


  • May 6, 11:59 pm: All checkout signups must be completed for traditional check outs.
  • May 8, 8:00 am: All students who are not approved for Commencement Housing  must be completely moved out.
  • May 11, 6:00 pm: All Commencement students must be moved out (must have been previously approved to stay beyond this date).

Choose a Checkout Option


Townhouse & College Houses Common Space Assessment:

Quick Steps:

  1. Sign up for a time as a townhouse (all members must be present)
  2. Be present at your time
  3. Have your space clean
  4. Report all known damages

Assessment Instructions:

  • Sign up as a house with your current RA (TH Laundry Rooms)
    No later than 8:00 am on Monday, May 6 and at least 24 hours before your time slot.
  • All residents will have the common space assessed at the same time. This will be done either before the first occupant checks out or by 8:00 am on Wednesday, May 8; whichever is first.
  • At time of checkout, all furniture must be moved away from wall. All unnecessary items should be packed.
    Personal items that do not need to be in the common spaces should be moved to individual rooms, if possible.
  • Students are responsible for all damage that was not documented on the RIC form, including damage that is
    found after any or all students have vacated the townhouse. It is suggested that students show all damage
    that they know of to minimize unexpected charges.


April 30-May 6, 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm (check with RA on duty for access)
Remove all currently stored items by 11:00 pm Monday, April 29.

  • 3 box limit
  • Clearly labeled with shipping address and box number
  • No furniture (cannot go to dumpsters)
  • 1st come, 1st served
  • Open during on-duty hours during finals week
  • Must store in the building/area that you will be living in the fall
  • Storage is at own risk

Avoiding Charges during checkout

Clean Your Room

You should leave your room in the condition it was when you arrived! The three (3) most common charges are: adhesive removal, excessive carpet cleaning, and furniture-related (broken furniture, missing furniture, abandoned property removal). All three of these charges can be easily avoided by a thorough cleaning of your room. A thorough cleaning includes all of the following:

  • vacuum all carpets
  • wipe down furniture, including the inside of all drawers
  • clean out closets
  • clean your sink! (no signs of dirt, toothpaste, stains)
  • remove all sticky-tac and all other non-approved hanging materials & residues
  • take out all trash & personal belongings
  • clean off windows & sills
  • all bathroom & kitchen areas (if applicable) should be cleaned & scrubbed down

Clean Your Bathroom/Sink Room (Townhouse, Campus Houses, Gillette and Lambein)

In addition to cleaning your bedroom, you can avoid excessive cleaning charges by doing a good job cleaning your bathroom. This includes scrubbing down all fixtures (sinks, toilets, bathtubs/showers), polishing metal surfaces, wiping down your vanity (including the inside of cabinets & drawers), cleaning your mirror, and mopping the bathroom floor. Please do not throw away your university-issued shower curtain or rings. Please try to clean your shower curtain to the best of your ability.

Turn in your keys!

If you do not turn in your keys when you vacate, you will be charged for the lock change to your room. Keys cannot be mailed back to our office after you move out.

Sign all paperwork

It is important for you to read over all of the checkout paperwork and be sure to SIGN and DATE in the necessary places on your Checkout Materials. This will help ensure that you are not charged for improper checkout.

Be aware of your check out date and time

Pay attention to when you have to be completely moved out of your room, with keys and paperwork turned in! You will be charged a minimum of $25 if you are not present at your appointment. After you move out, there is a quick turnover to Mayterm, Commencement housing and summer conference housing; custodial and maintenance staff need as much time as we can give them to get the buildings ready again.