Good Room Expectations

“Good Room” expectations/avoiding damage charges

Leaving a room in “good condition” means that you have:

  • Returned all furniture to its original configuration. This means leaving the room organized in the way you
    found it (in August). For example, if you move your dresser into the closet during the year, please remove
    it from the closet and put it back in the room where you found it.
  • Beds are unbunked and in the “low” position;
  • All original furnishings are empty, clean, and in the room;
  • The carpet is clean and vacuumed.
  • Leave your room clean and neat. Take all trash or unwanted possessions to the right place (dumpster,
    donation box, etc.)
  • Close and lock all your doors and windows. Be sure to raise your blinds.

Residents are responsible for any costs that the College incurs in returning the accommodation to its original
condition. In the event of damage, missing furniture, or excessive trash, our Office incurs specific costs to ready
residential rooms for the next occupant. Our goal in sharing this information is to encourage all residents to take
care of their rooms, and to vacate rooms in good condition to avoid damage charges.