Room Selection

Note: Information on this page is for returning Houghton students. New Students should refer to housing information and next steps.

Room Squatting

If you would like to keep your current room, or move to the current room of your roommate for next year, one of you should complete the Room Squatting Form by Friday, April 10, 2020. As long as you meet the qualifications for squatting, this form ensures you have a spot in the room you’re squatting for next year.

Room Draw

Room Draw is the process for returning students who want to select a new residence hall room for the upcoming school year. Students are given preference based on class standing.

We are hosting Room Draw remotely during April 2020 due to COVID-19.

  • By April 10: Students must complete the Room Draw Participation Form (OR the Room Squatting Form) and register for classes
  • April 14: Students will be assigned a housing lottery number based on hall preference, current class standing, and whether or not they will live in a fully occupied room.
  • April 14: Floor charts will go live for students to track available rooms through the Room Draw process. As students select rooms, the changes will be reflected immediately on the live floor charts so that everyone can access the most up to date information.
  • April 15, 16, 17: Student phone calls for Room Draw.
  • April 20-24: Students will get a confirmation email indicating which room they chose.


What do I need to do to get ready for Room Draw?

  1. Make sure you are registered for classes by April 10.
  2. Complete the Room Draw Participation Form as soon as possible. It’s also due April 10.
  3. Talk with your roommate(s) about where you want to live. If you’re looking for a roommate and can’t find one, you can email and we can try to connect you with others in the same situation.
  4. Starting April 14, check out the floor charts with live updates so you can see which rooms are available and be ready when you get a call to select a room.

I’m having trouble registering for classes – is there any way I can still participate in Room Draw?

  • If you are fairly certain you will be back at Houghton in Fall 2020, we want to help you choose a room through Room Draw. Email if you are not going to be registered by April 10 but would like to participate in Room Draw. We will ask you about the specifics of your situation and will encourage you to talk with your adviser and the Registrar’s Office if you haven’t already. If there is a delay beyond your control, we will still allow you to participate in Room Draw.
  • Student Financial Services will help assess the Room Draw eligibility of individuals who are delayed in class registration for financial reasons. Those students should also email

What will happen when a Residence Life staff person calls me?

  • The Residence Life staff person will introduce themselves and let you know they are calling about Room Draw. They will have access to your Room Draw Participant Form and will be able to see which building you prefer and your intended roommates.
  • You should have the floor charts for your building available and can let the Residence Life staff person know which room you choose. They will confirm the details of your selection.
  • The phone conversation should be 1-4 minutes in length.

My roommate got a phone call before I did and already selected our room. Will I still get a phone call?

  • No, as long as everything lines up on your Room Draw Participant Form, we would not call you. If someone listed you as their roommate and you hadn’t listed them as your roommate, we would call you to confirm your housing plans.

How do I get a single?

  • If you are trying to hold a double without a roommate, you will be placed on the list below all the students who are living in a double room with a roommate, regardless of their class level. Fully occupied rooms are given priority in Room Draw.
  • If you are hoping to live in a single occupancy room (a “Single”), your name will be on the list along with others in your class who are reserving a fully occupied room.
  • Please be aware that based on enrollment numbers, housing needs may require another student to placed with you, even if you’ve chosen to live in a double room without a roommate. The Housing Office will be in communication with you if this need arises over the summer.
  • If you have other questions about living in a single room, please email

What if I don’t have a roommate, but don’t want a single?

  • You can select a double and have another student placed with you.
  • You will choose a room after all the students who will have fully occupied rooms have selected rooms, regardless of their class level.

What does “full occupancy” or “fully occupied” mean?

  • The number of students in the room matches the room designation (single, double, triple, quads)

How can I choose to live with a student who will be enrolling?

  • Participate in Room Draw and indicate that you’d like to live with an incoming student on the Room Draw Participant Form.
  • The student you would like to live with will select to be placed with you when they complete their roommate selection form and list you as their roommate.

What if my roommate is gone for the fall semester?

  • Try to find someone else to live with for the fall semester (ideally who will not need on campus housing in the spring)

How much do rooms cost?

Will I get written confirmation of which room I chose?

  • Yes, we will email you confirmation of which room you chose during the week after Room Draw.

I still have questions…who can I talk to?

  • Please email with questions. If it would be easiest to meet up online or talk on the phone, please include that request in your email and Beth Phifer (Assistant Director of Housing) will coordinate a meeting with you.