Room Selection

Room Squatting

If you would like to keep your current room, or move to the current room of your roommate for next year, you should complete the Room Squatting Form by the Thursday before Room Draw. Once completed, this form ensures you a spot in this room next year.

Room Draw

Room draw is time for students who do not wish to squat their current room to select a new room for the upcoming school year. Students are given preference based on class level. Room draw for the upcoming academic year will be held in residence hall main lounges at the following times:

  • Tuesday, April 7 at 9pm for single, triple, and quad rooms
  • Tuesday, April 14 at 9pm for double rooms

During the week prior to Room Draw, Resident Directors will be available in person to answer questions about the Room Selection process.


What if I am unable to attend room draw?

  • The Room Draw Proxy Form should be completed by the Thursday preceding room draw in order to allow someone else to select your room for you.

How do I get a single?

  • If you are trying to hold a double as a single, you will wait until after full occupancy rooms have been filled.
  • If you are selecting a Gillette single, you will draw for a room with your class.
  • Please be aware that based on enrollment numbers, housing needs may require an incoming student to placed with you, even if you’ve drawn for a single room held as a double. The Housing Office will be in communication with you if this need arises over the summer.

What if I don’t have a roommate, but don’t want a single?

  • You can select a double and have an incoming student placed with you.
    • In this case, you would be given a choice of room after other students who have full occupancy rooms.

What does “full occupancy” mean?

  • The number of students in the room matches the room designation (single, double, triple, quad)

How can I choose to live with a student who will be enrolling?

  • Attend room draw as usual and indicate that you’d like to live with an incoming student.
  • The student you would like to live with will select to be placed with you when they complete their roommate selection form.

What if my roommate is gone for the fall semester?

  • You’ll need to have find someone else to live with at least for the fall semester.

How much do rooms cost?

  • This information is available on our fees page.

Questions can be directed to, or in person at the Office of Student Life.

How do I confirm where I’m living next year when I’m at Room Draw or with a Res Life Staff person?

A Res Life Staff person can assist you with the next steps.