Room Draw will occur through individual phone calls to students on April 15, 16, and 17 due to the COVID19 pandemic. Students need to complete the form below by April 10 in order to participate in Room Draw.

Room Draw Participation Form

Complete this form if you will be back at Houghton in Fall 2020 and need to choose a new residence hall room.
  • Ex. 000012345
  • In order to reserve a room for Fall 2020 through Room Draw, you need to be registered for Fall 2020 classes.
  • Based on your current earned credits, what class are you in? Less than 30 credits - first year. 30-59 credits - sophomore. 60-89 credits - junior. Greater than 90 credits - senior.
  • You can change your mind between now and when you select a room.
  • A Residence Life staff member will call this number and you will select a room while you're on the phone with them.