Student Government Association

Student Government Association

Of the Students, by the Students, for the Students

The SGA Mission Statement

The purpose of SGA is to contribute to the academic, social, physical, and spiritual growth and development of the student body of Houghton College. We are also responsible for representing the student body to the school administration, faculty, and staff in order to promote student interests and needs. We also help to provide activities and services for the student body in the form of events and clubs.


SGA Financial Responsibilities

All budgets under SGA control must be approved by the SGA Senate at some point in their process. This is to ensure student representation in every budgetary matter concerning students. If you have a question or comment concerning the anything on this page, feel free to email the Commissioner of Finance.

CEF Type I

The Club/Event Fund, or CEF is a large line item on the Campus Services Budget. Type I of this fund is designed for Houghton College clubs and is most clubs’ primary source of funding. The Committee on Student Organizations (COSO) maintains a list of eligible clubs for CEF Type I. These funds are allocated at the beginning of each semester by the SGA Senate.

Club/Event Fund Type II

Unlike CEF Type I, Type II is designed for any Houghton College student, or group of students. This fund is allocated by the SGA Senate per request. According to the SGA Bylaws, “These funds are to be used for clearly defined projects, such as one-time events or capital purchases. The project must have direct or indirect benefit to the student body, and must be consistent with the Houghton College mission and the statement of community responsibilities.” (p. 16)

Christian Life Fund

The Christian Life Fund, or CLF, is similar to the CEF Type I, in that it is designed for Houghton College clubs. It is for clubs “whose primary focus is ministry and/or community service” (SGA Bylaws, p. 17). Also, the list of eligible clubs for the CLF is maintained byCOSO, and funds are allocated at the beginning of each semester by the SGA Senate.

Campus Services Budget

CSB stands for the Campus Services Budget, and is the master budget for most programs and services provided to students. The SGA has control of all line items of the CSB, and retains the responsibility of allocating an annually determined amount to CSB line items. For example, the CEF funds are a line item on the CSB The budget is prepared by the SGA President andCommissioner of Finance, and is approved by the SGA Senate.

Club Sports

The Club Sports Fund is meant for Houghton Club Sports teams. A list of eligible club teams is maintained by COSO and CIA (Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics). Monies are allocated by the SGA Senate, and considerations are undertaken by the request of a club teams.

SGA Budget

The SGA Budget is the operating budget for the SGA, such as office supplies, faculty/staff and student appreciations, and miscellaneous items. Spending from this budget need not be approved, but Commissioner of Finance gives a biweekly report to the SGA Senate on the SGA Budget.


Club Transportation and Reimbursement

SGA Bylaws

Student Body Constitution