Summer Scholars

Houghton is looking for academically driven high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors (as of Fall 2020) to spend a week at Houghton digging deeper into one of our amazing workshops.

Dive into hands-on, project-oriented learning environments, taught by stellar faculty members.

It’s not all about work though, there are fun evening activities and daily devotions from members of the Houghton College community too!

Take this week to learn more, think critically, deepen your faith – and, of course, have an unforgettable summer experience.


Registration on Sunday, July 5, 2020

Closing Ceremonies on Thursday, July 9, 2020


Early Bird Price: $420– register by April 1, 2020

Regular Price: $450

$75 deposit must be paid to guarantee your spot

(All costs are refundable until June 1)


Worship Arts

In this worship camp, students will be invited to learn techniques of team building as well as rehearsal techniques for contemporary worship bands. In addition, we will dive deep into the theology of worship and the vital role it plays in our every-day lives and in our relationship with the Father and Creator of the Universe.

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Hearing God's Voice, Discovering Your Calling

Earnest young Christians, the type of students that have always wound up at Houghton, struggle with the language of hearing God. During this week, we'll help students think through how to listen for the voice of God and sort it out from all the other voices that surround them. We'll pay special attention to the sense of God's calling in their lives as they think through college and the beginings of adult life as a Christian.

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Engineering Fundamentals

Do you like solving problems? Have you ever wanted to learn how to be a better problem solver? Would you like to help design and build our world of tomorrow? Do you want to have fun while you are doing it? Come join us and learn how exciting the world of engineering can be. We put the "Fun" in Engineering Fundamentals

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Data Science

Data is everywhere and recent advances in computer science and mathematics are enabling new approaches to overcoming challenging problems in every field. Data science tools are becoming a critical component in our understanding of the world, in making policy, and in predicting the future. We will explore how data scientists use technology to better people's lives with practical computational tools.

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Houghton College Forensic Camp is a camp designed to tap the inner investigator. Campers will learn forensic skills and techniques used in laboratory investigations, which are often portrayed incorrectly on TV. Campers will also perform tasks such as mapping and photographing crime scenes, fingerprinting, identifying blood splatter and testing for drug and fiber residue. With these techniques, campers will be able to better understand the reality of crime scene investigations.

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Objectives and Philosophy

Houghton College is a Christian college committed to providing a quality educational experience within a wholesome and safe environment.

Summer Scholars offers a college preparatory experience where students will be challenged academically while having a fun and incredible experience with a group of likeminded peers. Our hope is that you walk away from this experience feeling excited to refine your passions and goals for the future.