World Language Placement Test

A great option for fulfilling the "Changing World" category of The General Education curriculum at Houghton University is through language study.

You may want to take the placement test if you have taken French, German, or Spanish in High School and are interested in continuing in these languages.  Taking the placement test will allow us to properly advise you as you continue with language study.  If you already have college level credits, you do not need to take the placement test. You will need to submit proper transcripts for those credits.  You also do not need to take the placement test if you wish to start at a beginning level in a language.

Houghton currently offers a Spanish minor and major. French and German are available only at the 101 and 102 beginning level.  Study of both French and German may be continued through affiliated study abroad options.  For more information on study abroad in either of the languages contact the Off-Campus Studies office at   Beginning Greek and Hebrew are also available and meet the Changing World requirement as well.

For information on taking the placement test please contact either Karen Hotchkiss, by email ( or by phone (585.567.9634); or Marcus Dean (Global Studies Department Chair) by email (