Enrollment Checklist

Enrollment Checklist


Confirm your enrollment

Return confirmation of enrollment form and submit your enrollment deposit of $300 (response requested within four weeks of receiving your financial aid package)
Confirm your Enrollment

Submit Enrollment Profile & Housing Preference

Submit your Enrollment Profile & Housing Preference form to indicate if you would like to request campus housing, plan to commute, or plan to pursue Houghton at Home.
Submit Enrollment Profile & Housing Preference

Track your progress

Log in to your status page to track your enrollment checklist progress
Track Your Progress

Access your Houghton email account

Access your new student email account and check it regularly to receive notifications from Houghton College
Email setup

Select your first semester courses

Once you have declared your course preferences, our Registrar’s Office will put together a course schedule for you based on your stated preferences
Select Courses

Take action on health insurance

Review health insurance information and opt out of health insurance (if applicable) towards the end of June or soon as you receive your fall course schedule.
Opt Out of HC Health Insurance

Submit your health forms

- Fall Semester Deadline: August 1 - Spring Semester Deadline: December 31
Access health forms

Submit final high school and/or college transcripts

- Fall Semester Deadline: August 1 - Spring Semester Deadline: December 31
Submit Transcript

Review financial aid checklist and billing information

Review our process for financial validation and prepare your financial aid strategy. Your bill for the fall semester will be due in early August.
Financial Aid Information

Manage your technology needs

Review our technology requirements to see our suggestions and recommendations.
Technology Information
Track Your Progress