You can order textbooks online at the Houghton University Online Bookstore.

The Houghton University Online Bookstore offers students an efficient, personalized shopping experience. All courses, required materials, and pricing options are displayed in one easy-to-navigate page.

Ordering textbooks online:

  1. Login with Houghton Credentials
  2. Select new, used eBook & rental options
  3. Checkout
Order Textbooks

Features of the Houghton University Online Bookstore:

  • View a personalized page featuring all your courses and required books. Complete your order in 5 minutes!
  • Save an average of 60% off list price when shopping at the Marketplace.
  • Price Match Guarantee on new books.
  • Select from a variety of formats including new, used, eBook, and rental.
  • Free shipping on select orders over $49 (not including Marketplace). Choose to have it shipped to your CPO address on campus or to your home!
  • Textbooks are tax-free and can be charged to your student account to allow you to use your financial aid, scholarships, or loans.
  • 24/7 customer service at the start of each major term.
  • Sell your books back on our website at any time of the year — you name the price.
  • Optimized for Mobile – The Online Bookstore is easy to use on any Smartphone or tablet. Order anytime, anywhere on any device.

Visit the Online Bookstore to order all your course materials.

View the FAQ flyer for more information.

For questions regarding an order, please call 1-800-887-6459 or visit Houghton.textbookx.com/help.