Curricular Template—Homeschoolers

Curricular Template—Homeschoolers

Perhaps the most common concern shared by homeschooling families involves how to organize and present a transcript. If you are utilizing a packaged curriculum, you may have the option of a prepared record, one which looks very similar to those colleges receive from public and private high schools. Among the transcripts seen at Houghton are those generated by A Beka, Christian Liberty Satellite Academy, and Hewitt Research.

Please note that Houghton does not endorse or prefer any packaged curriculum over another. In fact, most of our homeschooled applicants come from homes which utilize an eclectic approach, drawing curricular materials from a variety of sources. For these families we can, based on the experience of our admission committee, offer a template which you may find useful in preparing your records for college admission officers.

If you provide information like this for each year of high school-level homeschooling, college admission officers will be able to give your application a thorough reading. Please note: if you participate in homeschooling irregularly during your high school years, be sure to have transcripts for those years in school sent to us from your high school. Some families assign grades for homeschool work; others do not. Houghton does not require that grades be assigned. With regard to the senior year, which is typically in progress at the time of application, you should prepare similar information, outlining texts and planned activities for the year.

If you read for pleasure or enrichment, you may wish to send along a reading list describing volumes read, either by year or cumulatively through your junior year. Houghton has received some impressive reading lists from homeschooled applicants.

Final Transcripts for Homeschool Students

Regardless of transcript method you choose to employ, upon deciding to enroll at Houghton, we will need to have a final and official transcript that has the following features:

  • Graduation date (at least month and year)
  • Original signature of parent/person overseeing homeschooling

In most cases, you will just need to use the same template you used when you applied for admission and update it with final grades or final results (if ungraded) for grades 9-12 and add a graduation date and signature.