Spanish Concentration

Spanish Concentration

Mastering another language leads to many opportunities in today’s global marketplace, and the intercultural studies major with a concentration in Spanish will encourage, develop and improve your fluency in Spanish.

Regardless of vocation, students who study a world language are better equipped to reach out and serve those who speak a language other than English. The ability to communicate with respect and cultural understanding in more than one language is an essential element of global competence.

The intercultural studies department recognizes that the work we prepare students for must be done in the language of the people we serve. Spanish concentration students start at a level beyond Introductory Spanish (currently SPAN 102), as determined by college credit or placement exam. Students are required to take Spanish courses focusing on communication skills as part of the concentration. Additional courses focus on culture and history.

Why Study Spanish at Houghton?

  • Prepare for today’s multicultural world through both rigorous theoretical study and hands-on, experiential learning opportunities.
  • Practice what you’ve learned in the classroom through our required intercultural experience.
  • Travel the world through Houghton’s many off-campus study opportunities or internships.
  • Integrate global engagement into every aspect of your education.
  • Study with faculty who have extensive experience living, working and serving in cross-cultural settings around the world, and integrate these experiences into the classroom.

Major Requirements