Science Honors

Investigate the most important aspect of our world’s ecosystem with Houghton’s Science Honors program.

The environment is dynamic, with conditions that change faster than we can traditionally record. The discovery of this measurable data is crucial to an ecosystem’s resilient future.

Is our world experiencing a mass extinction? Is biodiversity just about saving species, or about balancing complex ecosystems? Could biodiversity be the key to new, life-saving drugs? How could coding and robotics help us answer ecological questions? How does the belief in a loving Creator affect our approach to preserving biodiversity?

In Houghton’s Science Honors track, students begin their college career with an integrated, hands-on research experience where they focus on a pressing, real-world problem and actually do science.

The Environment is Your Classroom

Becoming a scientist requires more than learning facts from a textbook. Spend your semester studying the environment around you while being in the environment around you, unlocking the key elements that affect our ecosystem.

Cutting-Edge Technology in Your Core Research

Work in teams to engineer, construct, and evaluate their own environmental sensor package, securing it to a drone, piloting it to the country’s Pacific coastal region, accurately quantifying the impact on the environment through the gathered data.

To generate the core knowledge about the world around us to solve complex issues facing society, scientists must devise novel experiments, solve unfamiliar problems, and disseminate original ideas.

Integrated Learning

Solutions to complex real-world problems and the cutting edge of scientific and technological innovation are increasingly found in the presence of traditional academics. You will work closely with biology, chemistry, physics, and math professors as you develop your research project. Enhance your skills in public speaking as you present and translate your research to both general and professional audiences. Additional coursework in the humanities will prepare you with the confidence to understand the ethical and social impacts of science and technology.