Music Presidential Scholarship

Music Presidential Scholarship

Houghton’s most prestigious and highly-selective music award, the Music Presidential Scholarship, is offered annually to an outstanding entering first-year student majoring in music.

In addition to being a first-year student pursuing a bachelor's degree in music, eligibility for this award is based on the following criteria:

  • High-quality academic work is expected, evidenced by high school record and SAT/ACT test scores. Continued academic excellence is expected while the scholarship recipient is studying at Houghton.
  • The scholarship recipient shall exhibit evidence of outstanding talent, potential, and solid preparation.
  • The scholarship recipient must affirm a personal Christian commitment, undertaking to live this commitment in their daily lives and through their musical calling.


  • The scholarship may be held for a maximum of four years, and will be forfeited if the recipient changes to a curriculum other than Bachelor of Music.
  • A minimum grade-point average (GPA) of 3.0 in college work is required to retain the scholarship.
  • This award is exclusive and cannot be combined with other aid from Houghton College.
  • The full-tuition Music Presidential Scholarship is valued at the cost of full tuition minus federal (Pell) or state (TAP) aid in the amount of first-year tuition for subsequent years.


  • Music students who audition and complete the music application process prior to February 19 will be considered for this award.
  • Audition committees will make recommendations to the scholarship committee upon the candidates completing both the audition and application process.

Repertoire Guidelines for the Competition