Program Information and Costs

Program Information and Costs

Apply for the semester of your life!

The Houghton East Africa semester occurs each year from mid-January to mid-April. The program will run its first program out of Kenya in Spring 2019, beginning a new chapter in a story that made Iringa, Tanzania, its home for the past 20 years.

Houghton Students

The tuition cost is equivalent to the semester’s tuition on the Houghton campus. In addition, the East Africa program free (in lieu of your usual room and board) covers airfare from a gateway airport, room, board, and fees. You can use your Houghton University financial aid, scholarships, and grants, and should expect to use all of your federal and state aid.

Non-Houghton Students

Houghton treats non-Houghton students as visiting students. Check with your school regarding permission and eligibility to participate in the East Africa semester. Houghton works with your school to secure appropriate agreements, and will invoice your campus for the cost of the semester. Your campus will then bill you in accordance with its own policies and procedures.

Since individual schools determine their own policies regarding off-campus study costs and financial aid, you will need to confirm with your institution’s off-campus study or financial aid office.


A deposit fee of $250 confirms your commitment to participate in the East Africa semester after you have applied and been accepted, and secures your place on the roster. If you choose to participate, the deposit is reduced from your overall tuition and fees bill. Should you elect to drop out, the deposit will not be returned to you, as we must defer other interested students from coming until another year. In addition, if airfare has already been purchased and you change your mind, you will be held responsible for the cost of the ticket and billed accordingly.

International Travel and Policies

Houghton University will book airfare for each student after the Off-Campus Studies Office communicates with the student regarding his or her preferred itinerary. The East Africa semester only covers the cost from a major gateway airport to Kenya and back again. If a student decides to alter his or her itinerary so as to travel further in Africa or elsewhere, the extra expense will be charged to the student.

Should a student choose to back out of the program after airfare has already been purchased, the student will be responsible for reimbursing Houghton University for the cost of the airfare.

Student passports must be valid for at least six months (October) after the close of the semester. If your passport expires before that time, apply for a new passport as soon as possible.

All students in the program must abide by the Houghton University Community Covenant. Failure to comply may result in early dismissal from the semester, with the student being sent home to the United States at his or her own expense.

What’s Covered by Tuition and Fees

  • Recommended 14-18 hours of academic credit.
  • Housing, including laundry.
  • Board (three meals per day plus morning chai and snack provided; bring extra snacks if you desire).
  • All necessary expenses during required program-related travel, including International Student Identification Card (ISIC), etc.
  • Airfare to and from East Africa from a gateway airport. Any additional costs beyond approved gateway airport travel will be billed to the student.
  • Day-to-day outpatient medical expenses (for going to a local doctor or receiving treatment at a local clinic).

What Is NOT Covered by Tuition and Fees / Additional Anticipated Expenses

  • Health insurance, valid for length of stay/program dates.
  • Personal medical expenses for:
    • Medical evacuation (if not covered by ISIC card)
    • Hospitalization (both in Nairobi or abroad)
    • Preparatory vaccinations for the trip (see attached medical forms).
  • Personal discretionary expenditures, including personal travel and local spending (recommended $400-600 USD).
  • Passport (required for program application; see note in policies on passports).
  • Visa to enter Kenya or Tanzania ($50 to enter Kenya and $100 for Tanzania; purchased by each student upon arrival in the country). Students will not normally visit both countries during the same semester. Each year, professors choose a location based on the needs of that group.
  • Extra airfare expense if a student travels within Europe (or anywhere beyond home) before or after the semester.
2020 tuition (flat rate to cover costs of all credits you take) $16,465
2020 program fee (includes room, board, fees, and gateway airport fare) $6,225
Deposit $250
Total $22,940
Final Bill (deposit subtracted) $22,690



The following list of documents will be shared with you upon acceptance and deposit. If you have questions or concerns, please email

  • “Countdown to East Africa” checklist
  • Health, medical, and security information
  • Preliminary health and travel plans form
  • ISIC application form
  • Risk, liability, medical, and participation agreement
  • Off-campus studies health form – Kenya or Tanzania
  • Course selection sheet
  • Course selection guide
  • East Africa semester packing list