Mayterm Housing

Applications must be submitted by Friday, April 4th for proper billing. Only students requesting a roommate or FLE need to submit this form. All others will have housing assigned to them. Accommodations for requests received after this deadline cannot be guaranteed.

Mayterm Housing Information:

Mayterm Housing Policy: All students are required to remain in and pay for the same type of college housing they occupied during the previous full-time semester(s) except:

• Students who will be commuting from a family member’s home (for Houghton College housing purposes, family is defined as parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles and non-student siblings).

Students who lived in a Community Living Option (CLO) during the 2013- 2014 academic year

• Students enrolled in a course that is taught away from the main campus

Family Living Exemptions (FLEs): FLEs are considered on the basis of assessed financial need. If you are interested in an FLE, please indicate it in the space provided below and a staff member from Residence Life & Housing will contact you to work through the application process. Primary consideration will be given to applications submitted by April 5th. If your application is not accepted, you will be assigned housing on campus. Click on the link below for a full description of the FLE policy:

Family Living Exemption

Meal Plans: All students are required to be on the same meal plan level that they were during the spring semester (or fall if a student was abroad). There are no block plans during Mayterm and plans will be converted to their corresponding meals per week plan (ex: 170 Block plan is converted to 14 meals per week).

Mayterm Housing FAQs

Do I need to fill out the Mayterm Housing Form?

  • Only if student is:
    • Staying on campus and requesting a roommate
    • Applying for a Family Living Exemption
    • Changing to a Commuter
  • Any student staying on campus for a Mayterm class who does not request a roommate will be assigned one.  For those studying off campus, housing arrangements are made through their programs. 
  • Mayterm Housing Forms are due by April 4th and can be found on the Residence Life and Housing page of the website, under the “Residence Life and Housing Forms” side tab

Where will I be living?

  • Students are required to live in and pay for the same type of housing (residence hall/townhouse, single/double)
    • We will be consolidating residence hall housing into Roth (men on the bottom two floors, women on the top two)
    • Townhouse residents will be consolidated (some may need to move to fill spaces in other townhouses)

What are my meal plan requirements?

  • Students are required to remain on the same meal plan
    • There are no block plan options, so these plans will be converted to their equivalent weekly plans

If I want to request a roommate, do we need to be staying for the same amount of weeks?

  • Yes, we will be housing people with the same amount of weeks on same floors to simplify checkout procedures
    • Roommate requests should be made on the Mayterm Housing Form, and requests need to be mutual (both parties need to submit a form)

If my class is off campus (either in Buffalo or abroad) do I need to fill out the Mayterm Housing Form?

  • No, housing arrangements will be made through the program

Can I apply for a Family Living Exemption or change to a Commuter?

  • Yes, by filling out the Mayterm Housing Form

Questions can be directed to, or in person at the Office of Student Life.

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