Center for Fine Arts in the summer

Graduate Tuition & Aid—Music



Per Credit Hour



Per-semester in Houghton University Flats


Full Access Living Expenses

$2,136 for 14 meals/170 block
$1,201 for 7 meals/90 block

2023-2024 academic year

Additional Fees for 2023-24

  • $300 | First-Year Student Enrollment Deposit (applied to total tuition bill; not an “extra” charge)

Applied music - some lesson fees may be included in graduate assistantships

  • $453 | Half-hour lesson (1-2 hours credit)
  • $906 | One-hour lesson (3-4 hours credit)
  • $1,359 | One-and-a-half-hour lesson (5-6 hours credit)
  • $47 | Recital recording fee (only charged when course taken)
  • $165 | Pro Tools/Commercial Music fee (only charged when course taken)


Semester charges are due by August 6 for the fall semester. Timely payments will reduce time spent being deregistered from classes and incurring a late registration fee. Payment can be made directly through a student’s eBilling account at Checks should be made payable to Houghton University and should be sent to the student financial services office.

A monthly payment plan is available through Nelnet Campus Commerce that allows fixed payments of annual college expenses over an 8- to 10-month period. Complete information about the plan is available upon request from the student financial services office.