Fearlessly Forward

Houghton remains focused and committed to being a Christ-centered institution in the Wesleyan tradition that intentionally integrates our Christian faith with academic excellence. As we continue to seek God’s will for our beloved Houghton, we also move forward, courageously, prayerfully, and fearlessly into this next chapter of service, innovation, and excellence.

Welcome to Houghton University.

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Three key interests have motivated Houghton to adopting a university name and structure.

Serving Our Diverse Student Body

Among our international student population, the word “college” is often equivalent to junior or community college. As a result, significant explanation is required on their part if they return to their home country for employment. In addition, many employers more highly value graduate-level credentials from universities vs. colleges, meaning that a name change will better serve our Master’s degree-seeking students.

Reflecting Our Academic Excellence

Houghton offers graduate programs in three distinct fields, maintains multiple centers and institutes, and provides pathways to degrees in multiple geographic locations and online. These features are commonly associated with excellent academic universities. As Houghton continues to invest in these areas, with an enduring commitment to academic rigor, the name Houghton University better reflects who we are.

Embodying Our Competitive Advantage

As Houghton expands our recognition within the region, University allows us to embody our distinctive advantage as many of our competitor institutions in Western New York have recently changed to university. Additionally, among the five schools of The Wesleyan Church, Houghton was the only one that was not already at university status. University allows Houghton to better embody the values of our sponsoring denomination and those of our founder, Willard J. Houghton.

Mission and Vision

Through this transition, Houghton will remain an institution committed to the pillars of our mission and vision, as we have been for the last 139 years.


We will center our lives on the Gospel and our faith in Jesus Christ.

At the center stands the archway; the keystone of our institution and the gateway to your Houghton experience. Here, at the heart of everything we do, is our shared Christian faith that permeates all areas of the University.

This faith unites our community of faculty, staff, and students, and guides our decisions as we equip the next generation to be Christ-like leaders in the world.


We will honor God by giving our very best in the classroom, in athletic competition, our workplace, our community and our families.

A nationally ranked liberal arts & sciences institution within New York State, Houghton’s academically challenging education transforms students with a breadth of knowledge and skills that employers demand.

This experience equips graduates to be world changers who are ready to take the next step in their career, continued study, ministry and life.


We will fulfill God’s plan for us by expanding our knowledge, our skills, and our understanding to achieve more than we imagined.

An incubator for radical transformation, a Houghton education prepares students for exponential, holistic growth in their professional, spiritual, and personal lives.

Graduates are ready to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives, which is often far bigger than they ever imagined.


We will live, worship, learn and grow with one another in this close-knit, Christ-centered community.

United by our mission to serve God and inspired by the beauty of creation that surrounds our pastoral location, students are forged in this unique, Christian atmosphere akin to the early church of Acts. It is a safe, empowering environment where students are driven to stretch themselves—to fully explore their God-given potential—through experiences in the classroom and on the athletic field, research, internships, global experiences, and more.

Graduates know that this community is special and one that they carry forward, showing the same loving kindness to those they meet in their workplace and neighborhoods.


We will be scholar-servants, prepared with the knowledge and understanding to fearlessly serve God, his calling for our lives and the people around us.

In fulfillment of the Great Commission, Houghton prepares students not only for lifelong success in their workplace, but to make a difference in the world for Christ.

Numerous opportunities for volunteering, mission trips, and more during their Houghton education forms servant leaders who embodies the vision of Houghton’s founder, Willard J. Houghton, who signed his letters, “Yours for fixing up the world.”