Certificate in Business Administration

Gain additional leadership and management training

A set of online courses designed to give you a foundation in the business field suitable for admission to Houghton’s Master of Business Administration degree program.

Complete in Under 10 Months

Students taking one class every 8 weeks can complete the certificate in under 10 months. If students wish to complete in 8 months, they can double up with Statistics in the summer.

Designed for non-business majors

This certificate prepares students from any academic program for successful entry into the MBA program, and also provides a foundational knowledge of business.

Master the fundamental topics of business administration through five courses

  • At the end of each course, students complete a competency exam to demonstrate fundamental mastery of the material in the course
  • Upon successful completion of the course of study, students receive a certificate in business administration

What will I learn?

Develop an understanding of fundamental business concepts through courses in management, accounting, marketing, statistics and economics.

  • Incorporate the knowledge, roles, responsibilities and skills required of new managers
  • Be uniquely prepared to understand managerial decision-making and problem-solving
  • Develop a working knowledge of accounting and finance concepts used by managers including analysis of financial statements, budgeting, working capital management and financing alternatives
  • Examine proactive and reactive business strategies and tactics that create and fulfill demand for consumer products and services
  • Learn how to correctly collect and analyze information vital to your organization to confidently make data-based decisions

Fulfill MBA entry requirements

Non-business majors who earn this certificate can check off the courses required for entry into the MBA program.

Exceptionally Affordable

The certificate rate is $200 per class.

Accelerated Timeline

Students can be ready to enter the MBA program in less than a year.

Cost and Affordability

$200 per class
Competency test fees included
Total Program Cost

With this certificate, you will be prepared to:

  • Successfully enter Houghton’s MBA program
  • Apply fundamental business knowledge to your existing career
  • Get started on your business career

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Application Requirements

1. Choose a start date

  • January 19, 2021
  • March 15, 2021
  • May 10, 2021
  • July 5, 2021

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