0 Linda Knapp

Linda Knapp

Enrollment Advisor

About Linda

Hometown: Fillmore, NY (but born and raised in Sierra Leone, West Africa)

Major and Grad Year:  Bible & Intercultural Studies Majors, Music Minor, Graduated from Houghton in 2001

Fun Facts: I love gardening, kayaking, painting, reading, and spending time with family.

Favorite Things About Houghton: I love the authenticity of people and the depth of relationships we form here at Houghton. Friendships easily arise between faculty and students, between coaches and players, between roommates, classmates, and co-workers.  I also love the richness of culture here at Houghton.  During the same week you can attend a soccer game, an art gallery opening reception, an orchestra concert, and a poetry reading by an English Faculty member all within a small town surrounded by amazing natural beauty.  I’ve lived in California, Colorado, and also in different countries in Europe and Africa for large chunks of my life.  Though I thoroughly enjoyed my time in each of these locations, Houghton was always the place I wanted to come back to because of the richness of relationships, experiences, and beauty here.

Why I Work at Houghton: I have chosen to work at Houghton because I love the students here as well as my colleagues. There is nothing better than working with and for people you genuinely enjoy.  Secondly, I also work at Houghton because I believe in what we’re doing as a community.  As our world faces new challenges, it requires the very students that Houghton produces—scholar servants who are deeply Christian and who can think critically about how to address the needs of our world.

Tips for Prospective Students & Families

Don’t worry about “messing up” regarding your college decisions.  There isn’t necessarily only one right path we must be on in life. I believe that if we are seeking to follow Christ and we are aware of God’s deep love for us, we can’t choose the wrong thing per se. This applies to even college decisions and what you major in. Living abundantly in God’s love allows you to organically, or naturally, be in His will. Doors open and doors close throughout life; the important thing is recognizing that you are a child of God.  Yes, along this journey of discovering your ultimate belonging and purpose you’ll need to make some important decisions.  But you can relax in this moment and let us help you through the process.

Students & Families I Serve

  • Corning / Elmira, NY area
  • Delaware
  • District of Columbia
  • Maryland
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • West of the Mississippi River
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