You are a Jesus follower

You want to live authentically for Christ in our world, to serve God with everything you’ve got. 

You want a safe place to ask questions and find answers while walking alongside others who will support and challenge you.

You want so much to be a part of healing our broken world.

At Houghton, YOU WILL.

Not separate
In Their Words
"Mentors, prayerful professors, Godly friends, Bible Studies and chapel have challenged me and pushed my faith to depths that I did not know were possible."
Bethany Rudolph '17
Houghton Stats
Over 30 Christian denominations are represented in the student body at Houghton.

Not afraid

As a community, we are not all from the same church denomination, and we don’t always agree with each other on the finer points of theology.
Brushing your teeth next to someone who thinks differently than you is bound to make you examine your faith more closely—to figure out what you believe and why—and to truly make your faith your own.

Not alone

Your faith will be stretched and challenged and deepened during your time at Houghton, but we walk beside you and support you every step of the way.
Professors, college staff, and even retired community members are totally invested in your spiritual growth.
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