0 Mark Harley

Mark Harley

Houghton staff member Mark Harley.

Mark Harley

Content Marketing Specialist

For years, in my photographic work, I was chasing a story. That story was my own. A native of Virginia, I traced my story back to my father’s familial history in rural Western New York, the place I now call home.

My own father became a Christian at Houghton during the turbulent 1960’s, and following the folds of my own story’s map has also led me to Houghton fifty years later as a member of the staff. Now, I have the privilege of telling the numerous, exciting stories of Houghton’s dynamic faculty, staff, alumni, and students.


  • MDiv | Northeaster Seminary at Roberts Wesleyan University (expected 2025)
  • BFA in Photography and Film | Virginia Commonwealth University

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