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Physics research at a Christian college

Houghton's Physics Program and Engineering Physics

Students studying physics and engineering at Houghton learn about the most basic principles at work in the physical universe, and how to serve God by applying these principles to meet people’s needs.  Students can earn a degree in physics or applied physics with an engineering emphasis. We are very proud of our 100% success rate (see below)!



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Physics research at a Christian college

Applied Learning

At Houghton, we believe the best way to learn physics is by doing physics. 

As soon as we introduce a subject, we put our knowledge into practice.  In our introductory courses, we combine lecture and lab into a seamless experience – no more waiting a week to carry out the lab.  Instead of just lectures about orbital mechanics, Houghton students plan space missions to the moon, asteroids and outer planets.  In the Science Honors Program students work with an interdisciplinary team of professors from physics, chemistry, biology, communication and writing to study climate change – not just from a textbook, but by designing and building instrument packages and  launching them to the edge of outer space.

Students recently planned trips to Mars in PHYS 251: Mechanics I. The project assignment and student presentations can be found on the course website.

Real World Experience

Physics majors at Houghton get experience in the real world.   As early as their sophomore year, students may choose an advisor and a research project. By graduation, they will have completed a significant, multi-year project they present at a scientific meeting.  Houghton students and faculty have carried out nuclear physics experiments at Los Alamos National Laboratory, nuclear fusion projects at SUNY Geneseo and Ohio University, and nanotechnology research at Cornell University.

Close Working Relationships

Our physics program allows professors and students to develop close working relationships with each other as we strive together toward the goal of academic excellence and spiritual growth.   The student offices are right next to the professors' offices.  After the formal classes end, we spend our afternoons working together at the office chalkboards, discussing research problems, and encouraging one another.

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After Houghton

One hundred percent of graduates from Houghton’s physics program are employed or attend graduate school within one year of graduation.  Approximately 60% attend graduate school in programs like particle physics, aerospace engineering, quantum optics, biomedical engineering, planetary science, math, astrophysics, medicine and more. Others choose to begin their careers immediately.  Positions held by graduates include medical physicist, meteorologist, mechanical engineer, cyclotron engineer, aerospace engineer, product analyst, research physicist, defense consultant, biomedical engineer, math and physics teacher and more. 

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