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We are now living in a data revolution. Cool, right?

Organizations have access to more data than ever before – and it is only just beginning. The demand for those who know how to harness the power of data is off the charts. Houghton University’s new Data Science degree is responding to this demand to create a new generation of data scientists – people who know how to make sense out of data.

This is where we fit in.

The CDSA is a focal point for Data Science at Houghton University. The CDSA brings students, faculty, alumni and industry together to form a diverse and vibrant data science community, creating an environment for multidisciplinary collaboration and innovation, alongside educating the next generation of Data Scientists.

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Data Science in Action

To accomplish its mission, the CDSA develops co-curricular programs to support the next generation of data scientists, establishes new corporate and alumni partnerships for support, and through our student-led consulting program, generates data solutions that will serve our region and the world. We’ve targeted four domains to get started – sports analytics, business, health care and data science for social good.

Sports Analytics

Sports organizations are using data to help with things like player performance, injury prevention, fan engagement and in-game decision making.


Data solutions are helping to improve health care. For example, researchers use data science to discover treatments and cures for the leading diseases in the population.


Data Science can help businesses to increase productivity, increase customer insight and spark innovation.

Social Good

Data scientists are using their skills to help solve some of the world's most challenging problems like homelessness, poverty, and the spread of diseases.

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Whether you are trying to conduct research, explore complex data sets, or collect and clean data, the CDSA can help connect you with a talented team of data science students and faculty mentors. Our student led consulting teams are keen to solve data problems with you!

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Houghton University data science students at work

Our data science graduates are working in numerous companies around the world, including:

  • John Deere
  • Paychex
  • Land O’Lakes
  • Nashville Superspeedway
  • Wells Fargo
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Students @ CDSA

Looking for Internships? Want to do research?

The CDSA offers many ways to help you find real-world opportunities in data science. Put your data science skills to work with real data sets in a variety of settings that match your interests. Experience data science first hand with our experiential learning events offered throughout the year. These opportunities will look great on your resume!

Projects at a Glance

NASCAR Fan Engagement

Domain: Sports Analytics
Client: Nashville Superspeedway
Service: Survey Design, Data Collection, Analysis & Reporting

For the first time in nearly four decades, the Nashville Superspeedway hosted the Ally 400 NASCAR Cup Series Race on Father’s Day. There was also a NASCAR Xfinity Series race and a Camping World Truck Series race. A Houghton University student-led data science team attended this event to collect data on the fan experience related to this triple-header race weekend. The project included survey design, data collection and analysis both before and after the race. Houghton students on- location collected data directly from fans in campgrounds on the in-field. They also got a “behind the scenes” experience as race volunteers under the supervision of Dr. Dexter Davis from the University of Tennessee at Martin (Houghton Alumni). This experience strengthened their impromptu data science skills and increased their confidence for future projects.

Research on Alzheimer’s Disease

Domain: Healthcare
Client: Van Dyk Scholars Initiative
Service: Shannon Summer Research Institute

Data science students joined biochemistry students in the lab to conduct several original research studies related to Alzheimer’s disease. Part of the project involved running computer simulations to model and measure aggregation of amyloid-beta peptides as a way to screen for potential drug candidates. Data science students also analyzed multi-year longitudinal health data composed of patient data and drug histories, to discover any connections to Alzheimer’s disease. Results did identify promising drug candidates for further research and students will work on a scientific publication as well as conference presentations. Students were well equipped with skills to utilize data science to solve pressing problems such as the Alzheimer’s epidemic. They are well on their way to become data science researchers!

Agri-Tech Start-up Competition

Domain: Business
Client: Allegany
Service: Start-up Pitch Presentation

A group of business and computer science students collaborated to create a pitch presentation for the Start-up Allegany Collegiate Competition. Students competed against other colleges in the region to create a business plan and pitch for a start-up business with an emphasis on sustainability. A talented team from Houghton University won the $5K cash prize with their idea to use drone technology to provide small farmers with big data solutions. Their innovative data solution can help maximize crop yield and build a sustainable future in Allegany County and beyond. Students gained valuable experience for starting a business and future teams will compete again next year.

Read More about Houghton Students' First Place Win

Hilton Head Golfweek

Domain: Sports Analytics
Client: Golfweek Amateur Tour
Service: Survey Design, Data Collection & Analyses

Students recently attended the Golfweek Amateur National Championships at Hilton Head SC.  The project objective was to collect data from golfers and local businesses to measure the economic impact of the tour.  This student-led data science team had the opportunity to collect data both on and off the most beautiful golf courses in the world. Results are already being used to improve the tour for next year.

NYC Day of Learning

Domain: Social Good, Sports Analytics
Client: Oakland Athletics, NYC City Hall
Service: Professional Networking

Houghton Data Science students travelled to NYC to meet with two leading data scientists in the areas of sports analytics and data science for social good.

Guest speakers included: David Jackson-Hanen, Sports Analyst with the Oakland Athletics, and Philip Martin, a Data Scientist in NYC.

Both presenters spoke about the importance of doing data science now and getting experience with a variety of datasets. They offered real-life examples of their work so students could understand how data science is changing the game of baseball as well as changing people’s everyday lives in NYC.

Super Bowl 50

Domain: Sports Analytics
Client: NFL on Location Experiences
Service: Project Scoping, Collection of Domain Knowledge for Sports Analytics

Data science students from Houghton University had a once-in-a-lifetime experience to work behind the scenes at the Super Bowl 50.  Student travelled to San Francisco to observe how the NFL manages this event from a sports management and data science perspective.  Students hope to travel again next year to the Super Bowl in Houston to apply their data science skills.