Houghton Professor of Psychology Publishes Research

February 1, 2023

Houghton University professor of psychology, Hannah Kim, Ph.D., published new research with Deborah L. Vietze in the American Journal of Qualitative Research, a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the social sciences.

Kim and Vietze’s research investigates second-generation Korean American youths and whether their bicultural identity helps them develop resilience to prejudice and discrimination.

Paul Young, dean of education and psychology at Houghton, speaks proudly of Kim’s accomplishment.

Dr. Kim’s article on Biculturalism and Resilience in Korean American Young Adults integrates her expertise in developmental psychology by applying theory to a topic that has been a key part of the Houghton experience–lived connections across cultures.

The results of this study could have significant implications for public health as they provide the opportunity to understand the emotional difficulties and sufferings of youths with minority backgrounds.

“I am committed to research about diversity and inclusion of students from traditionally underrepresented groups,” said Kim. “As a qualitative researcher, I seek to listen to the life stories of ethnic minority youth in the United States to address their struggles and needs so that their voices can be heard.”