Audit Policy

Audit Policy

Courses may be audited with permission from the professor. This involves enrolling in and attending the course but receiving neither grade nor academic credit. Charges vary according to the type of course being audited and the rest of the student's load. The full policy can be found at the Registrar's Office.

Further explanation of Audit Policy

Auditing a course involves attending class but receiving neither a grade nor academic credit for the course. Auditing is allowed only when space is available in the class. Professors do not have to permit auditors and may impose conditions upon auditors (e.g., read the assignments and participate in class discussion). Professors are not expected to evaluate any work an auditor might do.

Students who wish to audit a course enroll in the course as an audit. If the student attends at least 2/3 of the class sessions, a grade entry "AU" with zero credits will appear on the official transcript. A student enrolled for an audit who fails to attend class may be dropped from the course as soon as the professor reports the non-attendance to the Registrar's Office.

The deadline for adding a course as an audit is the same as that for adding courses for credit. However, if within the first five weeks of a semester a student withdraws from a course he or she is taking for credit, the student may add an audit of that same course with the permission of the professor. When this is done the transcript will record both the withdrawal (W) and the audit (AU).

For the purpose of auditing, there are two types of courses: (1) Lecture or seminar courses, in which auditing primarily involves "sitting in" on the course; and (2) personal attention from the professor (e.g., activity and studio courses in art, music, physical education and recreation, or laboratory courses in the sciences and computer science). When there is uncertainty about which category a course fits, it will be resolved at the discretion of the professor.

When lecture or seminar courses are audited, there is a $60.00/credit audit fee per course. However, a full-time student must pay the $60.00/credit fee only if taking the course for credit would place the student above 18 semester hours. If the audit is dropped, no refund will be made.

When courses of the second type are audited, the student must pay full tuition and any applicable course fees. However, a full-time student will be charged extra tuition only if taking the course for credit would place the student above 18 semester hours. If the audit is dropped, refunds will be given in the same way they are given for courses taken for credit.

Audited courses do not count as "attempted hours," and thus have no effect on whether or not a student is eligible for Mayterm without extra tuition payment.

When it is expected that a course might fill with students taking the course for credit, the Registrar's Office will defer enrolling students as auditors until the first week of the course.