Michael Jordan ’99 Publishes New Book, Worship in an Age of Anxiety

June 24, 2024

Michael Jordan ’99, associate professor of theology, has released his latest book, Worship in an Age of Anxiety, offering a fresh perspective on the role of worship in addressing anxiety. The book launch took place on June 3 at Houghton Wesleyan Church.

In Worship in an Age of Anxiety, Jordan explores how aspects of worship, including liturgy, space, music, preaching and the sacraments, can encourage individuals to turn towards God within a healing framework. While acknowledging that worship alone cannot fully heal anxiety, Jordan emphasizes its potential as a space where anxiety can be acknowledged, accepted and offered to God.

An ordained Wesleyan pastor with extensive pastoral ministry experience in United Methodist, American Baptist, and Wesleyan churches, hopes that “Worship in an Age of Anxiety” will facilitate the integration of mental health and faith for those who face challenges in reconciling the two.

Many times, [individuals] have a really hard time integrating the way that mental health describes their interior life with the way the Christian faith describes it. And so they have their diagnosis and treatment for mental health on the one hand… and their church life on the other… I hope this book is a step in helping these two worlds integrate.

Michael Jordan, Author


With its thought-provoking insights, Jordan’s work invites readers to seek a deeper understanding of the intersection between worship and anxiety. Read a conversation with Jordan on anxiety and worship.

Houghton staff and faculty Michael Jordan.