Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies

Affiliated Off Campus Mayterm and summer

Au Sable Institute, a Christian environmental learning center, offers Houghton students Mayterm and summer courses in biology, chemistry, geology and geography. Headquartered in Michigan. Participants take courses, engage in scholarship, gain field experience, confer, and develop practical tools for environmental stewardship in programs that take seriously both science and theology. The Au Sable website ( ) gives the complete listing of courses and programs. Scholarship assistance is available to students at Council-member colleges. 


All Au Sable courses taken through Houghton are registered as a science area special topics course. Approval is needed through the appropriate department (usually Biology) working with the Au Sable faculty representative (Dr. James Wolfe in Biology) and Houghton’s Off-campus Programs Office. A maximum of eight hours may be applied toward a major. Additional courses may be used for elective credit. Through a combination of courses taken at Houghton and Au Sable, a student may earn certification from Au Sable as one of the following: environmental analyst, land resources analyst, water resources analyst or naturalist. Certification requires a minimum of three approved courses to be taken in residence at the Institute. Specific requirements for particular certificates may be obtained from Dr. Wolfe and the Institute.


Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies offers environmental science programs for students and adults of all ages: primary and secondary school, college, and graduate school. Our academic program offers field-based, university-level courses in environmental studies and environmental science at campuses in the Great Lakes region (Mancelona, MI), Pacific Northwest (Whidbey Island, WA), South India (Thiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu), and Latin America (Vara Blanca, Costa Rica)

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