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Recreation: Equestrian Option – Management Track

BS (31-33 hours plus 13 hours in co-requisites)

The Recreation: Equestrian options give a solid foundation for students preparing to enter the equestrian venue as professionals in teaching, training, facility management, and related careers. Through academically rigorous courses and expert instruction on top-class school master horses, students are equipped with a broad base of knowledge in classical horsemanship. Classes encompass theory and philosophy, riding, the teaching of riding, and care of the horse. In-depth studies, opportunities to study with world class clinicians, and riding in competitions cultivate Christ-like character in students, enabling them to become effective scholar-servants.

ACCT 211 Financial Accounting 3
BADM 212 Principles of Management 4
BADM 303 Entrepreneurship 2
BADM 314 Human Resources Management 4
Total 13
Core RequirementsCredits
REC 222 Leisure, Work and Society 4
REC 300 Program Planning and Evaluation 4
REC 406 Capstone: Recreation Internship 4-6
Certification: WFR or Advanced WFA
Total 12-14
Theory RequirementsCredits
EQST Foundations of Equestrian Studies 4
EQST 224 CHA Riding Instructor Certification 3
EQST 230 Basic Western Riding 2
EQST 276 Dressage 2
EQST 337 Adventure Trails 2
REC 227 Outdoor Leadership Training 4
Choose 2 credits of electives from the following courses
EQST 240 Teaching Riding in Bolivia 2
EQST 323 Eventing 2
EQST 324 Principles of Training 2
EQST 325 Jumping I 2
EQST 326 Jumping II 2
EQST 327 Mini Prix Equitation 2
EQST 334 Competition Dressage 2
EQST 421 Musical Freestyle Dressage 2
EQST xxx Independent Study 1-2
EQST xxx Special Topics 1-2
Total Theory Requirements 19

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