Interdisciplinary Studies

BA/BS (33-52 hours)

This major is for students who wish to pursue a multidisciplinary study not already offered by the college. The major enables students to integrate two or more areas of study or pursue a topic that crosses the boundaries of multiple disciplines. Recipients of this degree will not be certified in any major field; the major on the transcript will be Interdisciplinary Studies.

Interested students must fill out an application (available in the Academic Records Office) and create a proposal including a name for the course of study, rationale for the cohesiveness, and an explanation of how it meets the student’s educational or vocational goals. Applicants may not be on academic probation.

The application must be approved by the department chairs of the selected areas (in consultation with appropriate departmental faculty), the Director of Academic Records, the Director of Integrative Studies, and the Office of the Academic Dean. The Academic Dean’s Office will report these approvals to the Academic Council, which will in turn report them to the faculty. Proposals will not be considered approved until this reporting is completed.

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