Christian Ministries

AAS (62 hours)

The Christian ministries curriculum is a two-year program which leads to the associate of applied science degree. The course of study requires a total of 62 hours and provides a strong Bible-centered preparation for Christian service in the church or mission field.

 The curriculum consists of 22 hours in integrative studies requirements, 28 hours in required religion courses, and a 12- to 14-hour concentration. Choose from Communication/Writing, Humanities, Religion (Bible, Christian Formation, Missions, and Ministerial) or social science. Additional credit hours to total 62 will consist of electives.

Integrative Studies RequirementsCredits
BIBL 101 Biblical Literature (or Advanced Bible if qualified) 4
WRIT 101 Writing in the Liberal Arts 4
Math or Science 3 - 4
Philosophy 4
THEL 209 Introduction to Christianity 4
Integrative Studies electives to total 22 credits (suggested courses in History or Social Sciences) 2 - 3
Total 22
Major requirementsCredits
BIBL 221 Biblical Interpretation 4
Old Testament Bible (Pentateuch preferred) 4
New Testament Bible (Jesus & the Gospels preferred) 4
Any 4 hours in Missions (MISS prefix) 4
MIN 210 Introduction to Christian Ministry 2
CRFM 231 Foundations of Educational Ministry 2
CRFM 325 Bible Study and Teaching Methods 4
CHMN 251, 252 Internship 2, 2
Total 28
Chosse a concentration from Communication/Writing, Humanities, Religion (Bible, Christian Formation, Missions and Ministerial) or social science. 12 - 16
Elective courses if necessary to total 62 credits in all 0 - 2

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