Inclusive Childhood Education Major with TESOL Concentration (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

BS (58 hours; plus 4 hours in pre/co-requisites and a concentration minimum 34 credits, in most cases students concentrating in TESOL will earn 36 credits

See Inclusive Childhood Education Major link on department page for the major requirements.

Language other than EnglishCredits
Total 12

Note: If you enter Houghton College with demonstrated competency in a language, you still must complete twelve hours of course work in a language other than English to meet the requirement for this concentration.

Core CoursesCredits
LING 220 Introduction to Linguistics 4
LING 350 First and Second Language Acquisition 4
LING 351 Linguistics for TESOL 4
LING 370 Understanding English Grammar 4
EDUC 371 TESOL Methods: ELA 2
EDUC 372 TESOL Methods: Content Areas 2
Core Total 20
Elective (Choose one course from the following courses)
LING 312 Sociolinguistics
LING 322 Phonetics 4
LING 323 Phonology I 4
LING 333 Grammar I 4
Elective Total 4

Note:  According to NYS teacher certification requirements (as of April 2011), ICE graduates who are granted an Initial Teaching Certificate from New York State and who have completed the coursework included in this concentration, achieving a grade of C or better in each course, may be able to receive Initial ESOL certification through the Individual Evaluation for Additional Classroom Teaching Certificate pathway (

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