East Meets West

16 hours (1 in fall, 12 in spring, 3 in Mayterm)

Director: Meic Pearse

This course of study in the fall and spring semesters, and Mayterm, focuses on the relationship between Middle-Eastern Islam, the Orthodox culture of Eastern Europe, and the west. Students typically take 13 hours on campus (leaving room in their spring schedule for one other non-honors course), and three hours during Mayterm in Eastern Europe. Occasionally, four hours are delivered the fall after the Mayterm, and students are able to take two non-honors courses in the spring. The course is co-taught by a church historian (Prof. Pearse), a political scientist, and a member of the English faculty. Meets IS requirements in Faith Foundation: Theology, Culture: History, Culture: Literature, Community: Political Science, as well as the Writing Competency.

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