Data Science Minor

The data science minor is designed to train students to become tomorrow’s leaders in this new and rapidly growing discipline.

Today’s dramatic increase in the amount of data being collected is changing the way decisions are made, shifting from intuition to evidence based approaches driven by data and analytical models. Understanding effective and ethical ways to use this vast amount of data requires skills in many areas such as machine learning, statistics, programming, and data visualization. A data science minor teaches students the basic principles and skills necessary to understand how and why we use data.

Data Science is a discipline that focuses on extracting meaning from data through developing and applying analytical models and methods.  These tools help professionals use data to solve problems in many areas such as sports, business, healthcare, and in the non-profit sector.

The data science minor allows students to select courses in programming, statistics, research methods, or communications in order to succeed in this new field.

Minor: 14 hours

Required Courses Credits
DSCI 211 – Data Science I 4
DSCI 212 – Data Science II 4
Choose two of the following. At least one must be in programming or statistics.
CSCI 211 – Programming I 4
CSCI 218 – Programming II 4
BADM/PSY 309 – Statistics 3, 4
COMM 232 – Introduction to Web Communication 4
ART/COMM 224 – Time, Motion and Communication 4
ART 245 – Graphic Design I 4
COMM 314 – New Media and Society 4
An approved Special Topics course 2-4
Total 14-16