Digital Media Marketing Concentration

The digital media marketing concentration prepares students to enter profit or not-for-profit businesses or organizations and assume a role in a marketing or promotions.

Whether one seeks a career in broadcasting, journalism, public relations, advertising, government service, community development, law, business, teaching or the ministry, the ability to communicate is essential.

An important and challenging communication task happens when we shepherd messages in and out of organized communities and associations of large numbers of people. Public relations, marketing, advertising—these complex components of organizational life require integration and integrity to ethically serve people's needs.

The digital media marketing concentration builds on basic core communication courses to develop a defined competence in the communication components of marketing. These components include advertising, public relations, marketing events such as trade shows, direct mail or other forms of one-to-one communication, and web-based or electronic initiatives.

Why Major in Digital Media Marketing?

  • Receive personal attention from faculty in small lab-media classes featuring Adobe Creative Cloud-based instruction.
  • Gain real-world experience through our solid internship program and other off-campus opportunities.
  • Develop your most compelling visual communication ideas with the best tools available in our state-of-the-art Macintosh Media Arts Lab.
  • Explore your gifts in a wide range of areas by employing the strong connections we have with other academic departments.
  • Dive deeper into your interests with opportunities for faculty/student collaboration on independent projects.

Major Requirements

Making Connections

The study of communication is all about bringing people together. Many communication majors at Houghton reflect this by connecting their communication majors to many other areas of interest with a double major. Houghton students have paired their communication studies with majors in art, business, global studies, ministry, biology, psychology, English, writing, political science, Spanish, equestrian studies, music, and education. The strong collaboration we have with numerous areas (art, business, writing, English, global studies, music) gives you the opportunity to explore your gifts in a range of areas while being supported by nurturing and caring faculty.

The Benn and Sally Forsyth Learning Commons

The Benn and Sally Forsyth Learning Commons is a creative, collaborative space open to all majors that houses our Macintosh Media Arts Lab. In addition to the computer workspaces in the classroom area of the Learning Commons, students also have access to individual media production workspaces for projects incorporating multiple digital technologies.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Houghton digital media marketing students arrive at graduation with excellent preparation for the world of work. Through a combination of coursework and experience in theory and application, students will know not just how to do something but what to do to communicate effectively and why.