Houghton Professor Exhibits at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center

September 7, 2023

Ted Murphy, professor of art, and his brother, Tim, opened an exhibit titled “Strange and Unknown Things” at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center in Columbus, Ohio. The jury selection exhibit, composed of 30 paintings by Prof. Murphy and 42 image/objects by his brother, explores the vastness of human emotion and ephemeral nature of seasons.

“Painting is a process of giving form to the emotions we experience, and a means of communicating something that is outside easy description,” Prof. Murphy wrote in his artist statement. “These seemingly timeless and imperceptible changes alongside and fast shifting forms point to the true subject of my work. Time. We live in the moment yet cannot grasp the moment. My work is about paying attention and taking notice. To explore what it means to be here at a particular moment and make a record of that seeing, of that noticing. I was here…I saw this.”

“Whether they are drawn from subjects like the Bible, mythology or even everyday events,” wrote Tim Murphy in his artist statement, “the paintings I create are a theater in which these embodied ceramic heads exist to act out their eternal plays.”

The exhibition will be available for public viewing until September 30.

Watch an Interview with Prof. Murphy