Safety and Security

Emergency Phone Numbers

Security: Extension 3330 or 567-9333
Fire Department/Ambulance: 911
Maintenance: Extension 4800 or 567-9480

Sexual Assault/Harassment

Sexual harassment in any situation is reprehensible. However, it is particularly damaging when it exploits the educational dependence and trust between students and administration, faculty or other college employees, and it is especially inappropriate and hurtful in a Christian academic community.

For information on who to contact if you believe you or someone you know is a victim of Sexual Harassment or Assault, please follow the link.  Here you will find contact information for our Sexual Harassment officer and links to Houghton University policies on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault.

More Information

Safety and Security Mission Statement

The Department of Safety and Security will serve our college community by promoting:

  • Our mutual responsibility for campus safety
  • Protection of campus property
  • Programs to prevent crime
  • Enforcement of college policies and the law
  • Program of communication with the community
  • Coordinated plan to assist with emergencies