Security and Fire Safety Information

Annual Security Report

Contents include:

  • Reporting Crimes and Other Emergencies
  • Security of and Access to University Facilities
  • Alcohol and Other Drug Policies
  • Timely Warning Reports - Crime Alerts
  • Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures
  • Campus Security Policies, Crime Prevention & Safety Awareness Programs
  • Missing Student Procedure
  • Houghton's Response to Sexual Assault and Stalking
  • Annual Disclosure of Crime Statistics
  • Annual Fire Safety Report

Crime and Fire Log

Fire Log

Incident # Date Reported Date of Fire Nature of Fire Building Comments

Report of Crimes


Incident # Date Reported Date Occurred Nature of Report Location Disposition Comments
2023.007 2/2/23 2/2/23 Assault CC Parking Lot Student Life students disciplined
2023.0018 4/27/23 4/6/23 Harassment On tech device NYSP
2023.022 5/15/23 5/17/23 Harassing phone call Consult with NYSP Nothing actionable
2023.045 9/6/23 9/7/23 Threatening language Tech device Student Life
2023.046 9/17-9/18/23 9/18/23 Vandalism to car FH parking lot Student Life Cleaned off OK
2023.048 9/19/23 9/22/23 Sexual Assault FH parking lot NYSP investigating Suspect arrested
Not a student
2023.059 Before 10/12/23 12/12/23 Threatening language Tech device and in CC in person Student Life Non student banned from campus
2023.060 10/7-10/13/23 10/14/23 Petit Larceny FH parking lot Report filed Nothing actionable
2023.069 10/29/23 10/30/23 Assault CC Student Life No contact order